Kanae Nakamine


I was born and grew up in Fujisawa, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan.

As you can see from the picture, I was an entertaining kid.

I used to attend an art school which is located in front of my house in Fujisawa, and it instilled in me a love to make new things. I’ve created a magazine, short movies, websites and bunch of birthday cards.

After working for a startup in Tokyo for nearly three years as a writer/web master/project manager, I moved to Portland, Oregon to acquire skills of web design and development.


The other things I’m always passionate about are languages and food.

I majored in French at university in Tokyo. I am forgetting my French since my graduation, but I’d love to recover and improve it later in my life. So far, I use my French bachelor’s degree only to impress people and make myself look intelligent and sophisticated.

Not only eating foods, I also like to cook. Recently, my favorite thing is feeding weird Japanese foods to my close friends without telling what it is. Even though it is motsuni – a stew with pork bung,  they trust me enough to have a bite. My favorite part of this is seeing their reactions after they figure out what they have just eaten.


If you’d like to contact me, please send a message via the form below.



– Kanae Nakamine